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  • Walking with Winners focuses on spiritual, emotional, physical, social and educational training to prepare our recovering clients for their new life, post addiction.

  • The program is based on forgiveness and willingness to change. This is an acknowledgment that wrong choices have been made and have lead us down a path of destruction.

  • All aspects of our program are focused on achieving abstinence from alcohol and other drugs, and most importantly, building the foundation to support recovery for a lifetime, including spiritual recovery.

  • Spiritually: We know that the clients symptoms are caused by deeper problems, we understand that a new life in Christ will give them the power and ability to overcome these problems and live a more productive life.

  • Emotionally: The healing of past abuses is necessary. Biblical studies enhance mental growth and serve as a foundation for creating new lives.

  • Physically: We care for the physical needs of the clients. These needs – a drug-free environment, food, recreation, etc – are key factors to the clients success in the program. We encourage our clients to participate in daily activities such as making their beds, cooking and other day to day activities, This stimulates and helps them fall into a normal routine to get them ready for a new life.  (Physical therapy)

  • Socially: Clients learn to work through relationship problems with their peers and with their families at home. They will learn to apply the character qualities they learn in the classroom to their everyday lives.

Our program is divided into five stages:

  • Initial Stage -  Evaluation and Orientation : 

    • Natural Purification through infrared sauna sessions in a Therapeutic Environment

    • Introduction to Celebrate Recovery (Offered in English, Afrikaans, Zulu & Xhosa)

    • Heart of addiction

    • Truth About Drugs program

  • Physical wellness/therapy Transition Stage:

    • Counseling (Group and Individual)

    • Trauma debrief if necessary

    • Life Skills Enhancement

    • Attending Celebrate Recovery, Truth about drugs, bible study, group devotions, small groups and Heart of addiction classes 

  • Anger Management Working Stage:

    • Family reunification

    • Introduction of mentorship program

    • Sustainability of change

    • Development of positive coping mechanisms

  • Evaluation of Progress :

    •  Fitness / Physical well being

  • Termination Stage:

    • Final Evaluation

    • Relapse Prevention Approaches

    • Reintegration into the family and community

    • Referral to effective support groups

    • Completion Report Writing Aftercare:

    • Weekend visits or day visits where outpatient will be tested

    • Attending support groups/counseling

    • 3 month follow up by the Social Worker

  • During addiction, the person will run their body into overdrive, and spend all their time and energy into getting their next fix. They consume more toxins than the body can handle, do not eat most of the time, and when they do eat something, it is mostly not a nutritious meal. As part of the recovery process, it is imperative to get rid of the harmful toxins that is being stored in the body.

  • To help mobilize toxins, our sauna purification program uses  niacin which  helps open up your microcirculation tiniest blood vessels in order to allow access to the tissues supplied by these sometimes partially obstructed little vessels.

  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) speeds up metabolism and acts on your body’s fat at the same time, where many toxins are stored. The released toxins travel through small blood vessels, now dilated to allow freer passage. The Sauna, in turn, increases body temperature, encouraging the immune system to strengthen and toxins to flush out of your pores as sweat.

  • Besides using niacin, we also use vitamin B complex, B1, A, C and D, as well as minerals in the form of supplements. We also use Calcium and Magnesium (Cal-Mag) to replace essential minerals that have been lost by the body through perspiration during the purification program.

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