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In addiction recovery , we have come to realize that once the substance is removed from the person's life, it creates a vacuum or void which can not just be filled with work or family/social life. The person needs to get active, get motivated and be open to explore new ways of having fun in a sober mindset. Because the substances release so much dopamine and serotonin in the brain in such a short time, the person will need to create healthy ways to have the same effect on their brain. We encourage our residents to get involved with these activities because a common cause of relapse is boredom.


(additional cost)

  • Sports 2 times a week - Cricket , Soccer & Volleyball

  • Fully equipped gym & boxing bag

  • Entertainment area with TV, pool tables, darts, table tennis

  • Team building activities

  • Fun days - Slip n Slide in Summer

  • Off Road biking (own bike to be supplied)

  • Deep sea scuba diving qualifications and trips

  • Go karting

  • Christian counseling certificate

  • Studying (own laptop to be supplied)

  • Matric qualification

Get certified in Scuba
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