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     "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" - John 8:36


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  • In Patient Program

  • Out Patient Program

  • Drug Testing

  • Natural Purification

  • Structured Program

  • 12 Steps

  • Celebrate Recovery

  • Interventions | Adult Diversions

  • Truth about Drugs

  • Heart of addiction

  • Narcotics Anonymous

  • Group Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Life Coaching

  • Social Work


  • Grade 12 Schooling (At additional cost)

  • School Substance Abuse Program

  • A day in Rehab (We encourage schools to bring their pupils to spend a day)

  • Corporate Substance Abuse Policies

  • HR Management Training

  • Consultations

  • Scuba Diving Courses

  • Go - Karting

  • Fully Equipped Gym

  • Extra Mural Activities

  • Addiction Counseling Courses through ACCSA.

  • Family Support

  • Court Orders

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What an amazing facility with the most helpful staff, always willing to assist. Pastor Dave and Isobel are the 2 most knowledgeable people in the area of drug addiction, They are always available to help, guide and inspire, doesn’t matter the time of day. I would definitely recommend them as the number one facility in the country, their program is based on solid Biblical Truths and years of experience. No soul too lost and no addict too far gone for them to be able to help and assist. Thanks Pastor Dave and Isobel! - Juandre

First and foremost ALL Glory to God for giving my husband a second chance at life. A HUGE thank you to every single person that had a finger in my husband's journey to recovery especially Pastor Dave, Attie, Jessica, Mark, Jan and Uncle Chad. I would recommend www to any person struggling with addiction.
My husband and I have been together for 21 years and we were truly on the brink of divorce because of his addiction to alcohol. I 100% believed that our marriage was over, but thanks to www I can honestly say that I have never been more in love with my husband than I am now. The person he has become is someone I look up to, and respect. I am super proud of him. He never used to have any relationship with God and now it is the foundation of his life. Not only did www help my husband and his brother, but myself as well. I am following all the sermons on youtube and actually quit smoking and have been smoke free for a year and a half already. These people are truly God's people. THANK YOU WWW! - Jana

I haven't come across a rehabilitation centre that has made me experience the full love & mercy of Christ Jesus. Pastor Dave and Isobel Barber are truly in the business of saving lives!! They have welcomed me with open arms!! I am yet to come across people of their esteem, God fearing and so humble. The ministry has become my home on more than one occasion! They continue to take me from Glory to Glory!! - Andre

From the first time I arrived at the recovery centre I understood that its exactly where God wanted me to be to helping get restored physically and mostly spiritually, I owe thanks to Pastor Dave and Aunt Isobel for allowing God`s purpose for their lives to be made whole in helping addicts like myself find life again through the power of Jesus Christ my savior and how the staff team take the time to find out how to help each and every individual that comes into the recovery centre. You are given the opportunity to fight for your recovery and life by being equipped with tools to face all challenges as you start walking the road of recovery and acceptance plus submission is a proper foundation to start off with. I'm currently free from drug addiction because of God`s people in my life from my family at home to my family in Walking With Winners thank you all and may God continue to bless you immensely. -  Boikanyo

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